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Please unsubscribe me from all and any services that are charging my number.

Call + 27 11 218 5618 for support or customersupport@oxygen8.co.za

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Cell C: Dial *133*1# and from there you can block content billing.

MTN: Dial *141*5# and select which services to unsubscribe from.

Telkom: Dial 180 and follow the prompts.

Vodacom: Send an SMS containing “STOP ALL” to 31050.


WASPA play a key role in regulating the provision of mobile applications and services in South Africa. WASPA has a detailed Code of Conduct which all members of the Association must adhere to, and a well established formal complaints process. WASPA employs full time staff to monitor the services provided by its members and to handle complaints about WASP services lodged by members of the public.
Go to WASPA website for more information.

Our services

Managed Integration

While Oxygen8 integrates well with most systems via APIs (application programming interface), we appreciate that sometimes you need something a little more bespoke.


SMS Billing

Using our billing service you can accept payment from subscribers of all four (4) mobile network operators in South Africa, with a single consolidate remittance from us.



Our integrated solutions span across mobile, voice and payment services, and API’s are available for all our major features.


If you think back to 2009, you will probably recall a company called “8ta”, who entered the South African market as the fourth licensed mobile network operator. Today the “8ta” brand does not exist. “8ta”’s major shareholder is Telkom and they chose to change the name of “8ta” to “Telkom Mobile”, which aligned that business with the Telkom group.

Fast forward to 2018 and we at Oxygen8 are also about to change our brand.

Our primary reason for changing the brand is to give consumers and customers an immediate sense of who we are – a business that provides billing services, through mobile network operators, that connect consumers and content publishers.

A secondary reason for changing the brand is for consistency and alignment with the other mobile billing companies within our multi-national group. This helps us in our dealings with the multi-national mobile network operators and gives us better recognition with international content publishers and mobile service providers.

A benefit that we hope to achieve in this process is to clean up some baggage that we’ve been carrying with the mobile network operators and other stakeholders in South Africa. We want to provide more transparency to consumers, making it easier for consumers to engage with us.

On 1st March 2018 we will begin trading under our new brand “Dynamic Mobile Billing”. Our consumer centric service portal will appear under our existing brand and the new brand until 31st May 2018, where after we will close the door on the old brand.  We will continue to strive to provide responsive, friendly and efficient service to consumers and content publishers during and after the adoption of our new brand.

Tony Gordon Smith
CEO, Oxygen8 Communication, South Africa

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