Oxygen8 S.A. Implements BlockFraud Technology to Alleviate Mobile Subscription Billing Fraud on South African Mobile Networks

Johannesburg, South Africa - Oxygen8 South Africa, an intermediary company that facilitates billing services between content providers and mobile carriers, is pleased to announce its recent implementation of mobile billing anti-fraud software. In a plight to maintain ongoing service improvement and protect consumer rights and ethical behaviour in the mobile services market, we improved our [...]

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How protected are we against mobile predators?

With the daily increase of SMS and apps on our mobile phones tempting us to engage, how vulnerable are we to rogues and predators out to fleece us of our rands and cents? Anzelle Robertson, responsible for legal compliance at Oxygen8, global providers of integrated mobile solutions, comments, “As far as self-regulation and legislation go [...]

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Consumers turned off by ‘one night stand’ marketing

Marketers are struggling to keep customers engaged with their brands after a transaction is made, according to research from technology provider, Oxygen8. The research states 75% of businesses will use four different channels to connect with their customers, including their brand’s website, social media, email and either app or SMS up to the point of purchase. [...]

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The most effective mobile brands: how do you compare?

According to Oxygen8’s latest research, the role mobile phones play within our daily lives is changing, dramatically. The traditional peer to peer voice call popularity has now fallen below services such as weather, navigation and the mobile device’s camera. We now use our smartphones to monitor our heart beat, improve the efficiency of our [...]

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